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BuyBitcoinItaly brings to you all the updated data of most trusted crypto exchanges in the Italy.
The information includes trading volume, transaction fee, payment method, and digital currencies available.

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The information includes trading volume, transaction fee, payment method, and digital currencies available.


5 million users

Over 2 billion daily trading volume

Trading Fees : 0,4 - 0,1%


Over 30 million users 

Over 10 billion  daily trading volume

Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 %

The most used exchange worldwide


10 million users 

Over 200-400 million daily trading  volume

Fees: 0,42 - 0,1 %


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As per different records, there are numerous transactions relating to bitcoins happening every day in Italy. The country has plenty of options for its citizens and they can easily purchase and exchange such currencies in different ways. Also, most of the online and retail shops use cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. There are plenty of options available for a person to choose from.

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What is Bitcoin?
Launched in 2009

The world is taking a digital shift and this shift has given a rise to many different technologies and infrastructure. Numerous innovations are taking place every day and are leading people towards a productive future. The most common and important part of this digitalization is the development of different digital currencies. ‘Bitcoin’ is one of the most common and widely used currencies. It is denoted by ‘BTC’ and is a famous cryptocurrency. The currency was made by a group of persons under the name of ‘Santoshi Nakamoto’. It is due to the development of bitcoin that many different ‘Altcoins’ are being produced. These are some alternative currencies to bitcoins. All these coins are an important part of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a set of unregulated digital currency that is not registered with the bank of any country. All the transactions are encrypted and verified properly before coins are issued, exchanged, or transferred. These coins are being recorded in the ‘blockchain ledger’. This digital ledger records all the transactions relating to cryptocurrency. ‘Buy Bitcoin Italy’ has everything you will need before buying such currencies. Italy has accepted these cryptocurrencies with open hands and it is legally acceptable to trade such things in the country. You can easily use these currencies for various purposes in the country.


  • Bitcoins are legal in the country and hence there are many tellers and ATMs available. There are a total of 67 machines in the country.

  • The country has plenty of bitcoin developers and miners. They can easily do bitcoin mining and will extract the currency for you.

  • The country has made a group of 30 individuals that are assigned the task of forming the policies for distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the country. Among these individuals, some are alumni of the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

  • There are many shops in various parts of the country that accept these coins as currency. You can easily use bitcoins for purchasing, online shopping, flight bookings, etc.

  • Talking about availability and acceptability, as of September 2020, Italy had approximately 0.8% of the global number of Bitcoin ATMs present.

  • People can easily redeem, exchange, and buy bitcoins from these ATMs only after proper verification. This will reduce all the chances of thefts and frauds relating to these currencies in the country.

  • As per a survey conducted, bitcoin is the third most preferred and used mode of payment in the country after Paypal and Postepay.

  • Big business houses and companies use such currencies and accept most of the transactions done by this.

  • Every transaction done using cryptocurrency is being recorded properly and is stored securely for the record.

To learn more about crypto check What is Crypto?, Trusted site to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin VS Fiat Transactions

Bitcoin is one of the most famous and common cryptocurrency. This digital currency is replacing the fiat currencies at a faster pace.

Fiat Transactions
  • Fiat currencies are regulated and are governed and produced by the government of the country.

  • For using and trading fiat currencies, you need an intermediary like a bank or some other financial institution.

  • It can take up to a few days to complete a transaction in the case of fiat currencies.

  • The value of a fiat currency is impacted by the demand and supply ratio in the country.​

convectional money transactions
Bitcoin Transactions
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized currency created by the process of mining.

  • There is no intermediary required to trade or to use a cryptocurrency. This makes it easier and simpler for a person to transact.

  • All the transactions involving cryptocurrencies are done through digital modes and can be completed in a few minutes

  • The value of a cryptocurrency is never impacted by the demand and supply ratio in the country.

bitcoin transactions

These were some of the key points that will help you to distinguish bitcoin vs fiat transactions.

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